Wooda is one of the companies empowered by Juan Roig’s Lanzadera

Ok, so up to this point at Wooda, we consider that every step we made was in the right direction. Of course you got hints along the way, but someone that acknowledges your achievements is always welcome. Today, we’re proud to be part of Juan Roig’s Lanzadera program.

Lanzadera is an ecosystem where hundreds of startup companies are being stepped up to their fullest potential. It is a company accelerator backed by Juan Roig’s expertise and its main goal is to enhance entrepreneurships by implementing a solid business model.

Join us through this article to know more about Lanzadera and why Wooda was chosen to lead a new wave of startup companies.

What is Lanzadera?

In a nutshell, Lanzadera is an accelerator, a platform that will empower a company up to their best. How does it do it? By opening their investing network to startups that have proven they have the right mindset to reach their goals.

By letting new companies access more than 200 big investors that want to participate in projects that add value to the society, Lanzadera will guide their partners during their journey as entrepreneurs and will ease their transition into the big leagues.

It was founded in 2013 and up to date, Lanzadera has promoted more than 1.000 companies and lent more than 21 million euros in loans. At the moment, there are more than 300 entrepreneurships supported by Juan Roig’s program.

As for the selected companies, they receive ongoing support in their business planning, and a financial impulse that could range from thousands of euros up to almost half a million.

For this time, Lanzadera selected 120 companies divided in 4 phases of the program, depending on their degree of maturity. These stages are:

  • Scale Up: It is aimed at proven and mature companies that have a profitable model and want to reach new goals.
  • Growth: This phase looks for entrepreneurships that are active and have great potential but need that boost to increase their reach.
  • Traction: It is focused on startups in their early stages, looking to steer them in the right direction.
  • Start: This stage of the project is for those who are still giving shape to their startups, to help them reach their MVP (minimum viable product) and start working on it. 

Juan Roig, Lanzadera’s founder, committed himself to inject more than 10 million euros a year and put his expertise at play in order to support the most amount of projects possible. His goal is simple: increasing employment in a meaningful way without setting limits to initiatives.

With almost 10 years of experience, Lanzadera is the place where investors and entrepreneurs collide in order to inspire each other and get the best possible outcome for both parties. 

Why Wooda was selected for Lanzadera?

Any company can apply to Lanzadera’s support, but that doesn’t guarantee that every project will be financed. Juan Roig’s experts team does intensive research for every company that asks for help and decides based on which projects are the most innovative.

In that sense, every startup needs to set their goals and make a reliable roadmap to keep track of the progress of the company.

Wooda is up to this challenge by improving the revolutionary concept of coliving. Remote workers, digital nomads, students or people that want long vacations are using coliving apartments like never before.

It is imperative for current platforms to ease the user experience every time they do something that should be pleasant, like booking the next place where they’re going to live.

Whether a person is in Bali, Madrid, Bogotá, Lisbon or Budapest, Wooda will find the best balance between affordability and coziness. 

These are the reasons that make us proud to be at Wooda everyday, and are the same reasons why Lanzadera chose our company to accelerate its growth.

If you’ve been wondering about what is coliving or some experiences you can have while being a digital nomad, you can check our blog and learn more about this exciting adventure.

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