7 Networking tips to stand out at your digital job

Most likely, you have already heard about networking, and you have even put it into practice several times without realizing it.

Well, it is a common method in the business and entrepreneurial world, which is based on meeting professionals and establishing relationships in order to generate work or business opportunities.

As we move deeper into the digital world, there is more and more information on how to network effectively, especially for people just starting out, but also for mid-career professionals who aren’t sure how to leverage it and excel at their job.

Whatever your reason for starting to build relationships is, the truth is that it’s easier than you think. These easy networking tips will help you stand out and achieve success!

How to connect with coworkers?

Before we start listing networking tips, you should first learn how to effectively connect with your coworkers. This will allow you to immediately increase your ability to communicate, foster deeper relationships and build trust.

In addition, it will help you rally your team and positively influence your colleagues, partners and customers; whether you’re at work, sharing a coliving or anywhere in the world. To connect with them, you can:

  • Focus on your awareness
  • Listen actively and pay attention to others.
  • Put yourself in other people’s shoes
  • Nurture relationships over business

Now that you know how to connect with your coworkers, keep in mind that to be successful in your networking plan you should listen to our experts in the field, and follow the recommendations below.

Expand your network

Opportunities to meet new professionals are everywhere, from friends on social networks to casual encounters at the supermarket. Expanding your network will definitely help you access new job listings, get advice and support from more experienced colleagues, or learn new insights about your market, which could be beneficial in the long run.

Also, it’s important to know that your network does not expire; it will always come handy, even long after you’ve found a new career opportunity or grown in your current job.

Make a list of candidates

Start your networking process by making a list of contacts currently working in your preferred industry. You can include anyone who can help you and anyone you can help.

This list could include:

  • People you know and interact with on a regular basis
  • Those with whom you have lost touch or have little connection
  • Former college classmates
  • People you want to meet

Focus on relationship building

Networking is a give-and-take process that involves making connections, sharing information and asking questions. It is a way of relating to others, and to foster healthy relationships it is critical to be authentic, thoughtful and trustworthy.

Overcoming Networking Changes

We know that in the world of networking things are constantly changing and renewing. It’s important to not waste any time and to always be up to date on the latest technology tools and market developments.

Try to familiarize yourself with new technology tools by attending training sessions or webinars, and getting certified. This will not only help you increase your knowledge of your field, but also give you more credibility in your current job.

Stay updated and active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very effective online community for staying connected and up to date with job and niche updates. That’s why it’s important that you keep your profile optimized; if your resumé stands out, other professionals will notice you and, hopefully, reach out to you. Then you’ll be using Linkedin to its full networking potential.

Download a networking application

Today there are plenty of opportunities for networking. One of them is the growing number of apps to grow your professional circle. And it’s just so easy! Just download them to your phone and network whenever you want.

For example, the networking app Shapr is very useful to meet relevant professional profiles every day. Once you have connected with one, you can start a conversation and add these contacts to your network.

Another option is Invitly, which ensures that only like-minded professionals can connect with each other. It also offers training and mentoring services to help with personal and professional development.

Enjoy the networking process

The process of effective networking takes time and should not necessarily be quick. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be efficient and focused, but it is important that you slow down a bit to actually nurture these budding relationships, for mutual support and benefit.

And, above all, you should try to enjoy the process. This will accelerate your chances of success both in your current digital job and in finding the next one.

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Remember: The real goal of networking should be to revive existing relationships and develop new ones.

At Wooda we are sure that the possibilities to connect with people are endless; whether through social networks, coworking spaces, coliving or anywhere in the world.

If you want to learn more about them and live new experiences, we invite you to visit us and nourish yourself with information for your personal growth and professional development.

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