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How to Choose Yours

So, you have the world at your feet, or at least the pick of destinations where to do remote work? Maybe you already have your dream destination in mind or you need to find some inspiration to choose where to go?

There are many ways to decide the question our title poses, what are the most popular destinations, going by numbers (of remote workers) or going by conditions for remote working. 

We argue for the latter approach as going exclusively “by the gut” can lead to unforeseen challenges, technological as well as bureaucratic. 

We have divided the destinations into three categories, «exotic», «urban» and “off-the-beaten path”. Naturally, what is “exotic” is an individual perception depending on your own cultural background, but we define “exotic” as places with exceptional natural and/or weather conditions.

At the time of writing, the world of travel, and the world in general, is still reeling from the effects of the Covid-Pandemic. For anyone looking for a remote work destination, it is part of the process to be informed about the current travel restrictions in every country.

Exotic Locations

  • Phuket, Thailand. Low cost of living, natural splendor and a low crime rate are key factors for making Phuket a chosen destination for many working remotely. A downside, recently, is an increasing number of street protest and civil unrest. This is certainly a situation that needs to be monitored.
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A very attractive proposition for the digital nomad with high-speed Internet, very low cost of living and arguably the best street food anywhere.
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka. Despite the fact that the country has suffered through some periods of unrest, Sri Lanka is generally considered a safe, hospitable country to visit. The country is also working on a “digital nomad Visa” to facilitate even more digital nomads choosing the country as a destination.
  • San Jose, Costa Rica. The capital of Costa Rica offers a freelancer Visa, very low cost of living, tropical climate, good healthcare and personal safety. The relatively small city also offers a decent nightlife scene.
  • Goa, India. Not surprisingly Goa which has been a Mecca for hippies, backpackers, yoga enthusiasts, artist etc. for decades is also popular among digital nomads. There is, however, a big caveat with Goa, WiFi connection! Before deciding to take the leap and put your career in the hands of local Internet providers, we suggest you do some serious research on the subject.

Urban Locations

  • Melbourne, Australia.  Melbourne tops the work-from-anywhere-index from Nestpick due to high level of livability and personal freedoms as well as the possibility of having a «digital nomad visa». 
  • Singapore, Singapore. Excellent infrastructure (Internet connection, coworking options etc.), unrivaled low crime-rate and a bustling urban lifestyle makes Singapore a contender for the top spot for digital nomads.
  • London, UK. Due to a perfect infrastructure for digital nomads, a world-class cultural life and high personal safety, London is another winner among digital nomads. Brexit is, however, a large x-factor that seriously complicates the issue for remote workers from EU, and it remains to be seen how much it’ll affect its global popularity as a destination.
  • Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo scores very high on many of the same parameters as London among digital nomads, though offering a very different living experience. Tokyo and «high-tech» go together, and no wonder that people in tech-heavy occupations are drawn to Tokyo.
  • Berlin, Germany. For a very different experience to the before mentioned urban hot-spots there is always Berlin. The  laid-back and open-minded ambiance of the city attracts creatives from all over the world. A huge bonus is also the availability of a «Freelancer Visa» facilitating remote work.

Off-the-beaten-path Locations

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia. Maybe the name of the town doesn’t ring a bell, but its main attraction surely does, Angkor Wat. Besides being home to the world’s largest religious building, the town offers reasonably fast Internet, great food and a low cost of living. The main challenge for the digital nomad is the rather frequent power outages.
  • Talinn, Estonia. Estonia is a country that has made a concerted effort to attract remote workers to the country with their e-residency initiative. This is a solution of special interest to those who want to start their own, independent company. Very low cost of living, good health-care and fast Internet connection are factors that don’t hurt either.
  • Reykjavik, Iceland. Another small country that strives to accommodate for the digital nomad is Iceland. A digital nomad visa is the ticket to stay and work in the lively capital of Reykjavik.  Clean air, spectacular nature, super fast Internet, exceptional health-care and a nightlife that punches way above its weight make the city a very attractive destination.
  • Zagreb, Croatia. Affordable living in a beautiful city is always high on the check-list for digital nomads. Safety, air-quality, WiFi availability and excellent health-care are other success factors. On the downside one should be aware that attitudes towards women LGBQT individuals and people of other ethnicities aren’t always great.
  • Bari, Italy – Offering Freelancer VISA, a high level of personal safety, and low cost of living, the charming coastal city of Bari is another «hidden gem» for digital nomads looking for a different location than the norm.

We hope you found our little introduction to choosing a destination for remote working interesting. There will be a lot more to come on this, and many other subjects of interest to digital nomads!

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