3 Mistakes Every Digital Nomad Should Avoid

Our Wooder Veva, from Ve-Coach, has shared with us 3 mistakes that she thinks we should avoid as digital nomads. Hopefully they serve as advice and can inspire you to keep going!

With the word, Veva:

As “happy flower” this may sound, every mistake leads to growth. I will gladly share three mistakes I made and how did they serve me. 

 1 mistake as digital nomadBelieving I could do it and having a smart system to make it happen I think I will be rich if I had the money back spent on social media ads, SEO and all the other tools bought that was supposed to take me to the next level, whatever that meant!

Investing in systems requires time, previous research and being strategic. I tend to go nuts about new courses in social media or whatever skill I thought I was missing! this mindset set me in “scarcity” WHAT I AM MISSING? the reality was, I was focused on the lack and therefore attracting the lack.
I started to believe in myself, to dedicate time to systems that will connect who I am with what value could I provide to my clients. 

Summarising my first mistake: not building a foundation for my business inside-out.

2 mistake as digital nomad Wearing too many hats and burning out help! I need somebody, help! The Beatles had it clear. Me too! My health comes first, I love myself and I am grateful for what my body does for me. I was selfish for years not understanding that I am my best investment.

Financial instability and inconsistency in income are some of the consequences of burnout: if I don’t produce, I get sick, I don’t earn money. As simple as that. I invested in a team, in platforms and now actually, we are seeing the results of it.

Networking and collaborating with other professionals make my life much more enjoyable, adaptable and rich.

 3 mistake as digital nomadStressing over things I cannot control uncertainty is part of my life. I used to jump from project to project until I could create what I wanted to do. Things do not always go as planned- cancelled flights; heavy rains during our retreats; illness; and be creative here. Building resilience and letting go has been life-changing.

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