How to meet people and make friends in a new city

Moving to another city can be both exciting and challenging, especially if you are going alone. There are many questions you might be asking yourself before making that decision, including whether you will make friends.

Leaving your home and your loved ones is one of the hardest things to do when you decide to move to a new place. This might lead to doubts, and can even influence your next steps.

But you have to know that there are several ways to meet people in a new city that will make your days much more enjoyable. Let’s see how to make new (and real) friends!

Discover Apps to Make Friends

You already know that making friends in a new city is not something you can accomplish overnight. It takes effort, planning and some courage, so at first you may choose to connect with people through your cell phone.

Luckily, there are plenty of mobile apps that can help you do just that. For example, Meetup is one of them; it’s very popular nowadays, and can definitely help you find people with the same interests as you.

Another way is to do a Google search to find more apps to meet new people, try them out and find out which one works best for you.

Choose Coliving Spaces

Opting for coliving spaces is one of the best options if your idea is to make friends in a new city, because it emphasizes community life through the creation of common spaces where tenants can get to know each other and exchange experiences.

Through this lifestyle, which is gaining traction around the world, you can find people with similar tastes to yours and with whom you can share many things, such as music, books, sports,a barbeque or a night out!

In addition, among its many benefits, coliving offers you an ecosystem of people willing to share their knowledge with enthusiasm. 

Nowadays there are several coliving places that may be of interest to you, depending on the city you choose. For example, there are amazing spaces in Madrid, Bali, Bogotá and many other cities. What are you waiting for to start a new adventure?

Use Social media

If there’s one thing the Internet is good at, it’s keeping us connected from wherever we are. That’s why it’s a very good option to meet people in a new city .Let’s see what we can find in the most popular social networks.


Pay attention to Instagram location tags and hashtags related to your location. Follow bloggers and people who seem to be located in your destination city. You can also engage with their content and even make a connection.

A good idea could be searching for restaurants that make your favorite food through their geotagged photos and send a message to the people who have posted images of its food, to ask them how it was and if they would recommend it.


First, find the Facebook groups that have the name of your new city and join them. Once you are accepted, post a message explaining your situation and preferences.

For example, you can say that you are new to the city and that you are looking for people to share new experiences and similar hobbies. You can also mention the activities you like the most and the places you would like to visit.

Practice Your Favorite Sports and Hobbies

The chances of making friends in a new city increase if you have a common interest. Following your passions can lead you in the right direction.

That’s why a great way to stay fit and be social at the same time is to sign up for a physical activity such as sports, yoga or meditation classes, dance or running groups. 

You can also sign up for pottery workshops, painting or any activity that you enjoy and brings you satisfaction. Even going to the movies or the theater! As a result, you will meet great people and make new friends.

Group Multiethnic People Talking Each Other How to Meet People in a New City Wooda

Organize Events and Parties

When you are in a new city struggling to find people to share good times with, you can choose to organize a housewarming event and invite neighbors to get to know them better.

And if you have already made some friends (maybe by following some of our tips above), a good idea is to invite their own friends too! More people, more fun! 

Whatever your plan is to meet new people, remember to always be yourself and know that there are bound to be people who are not compatible with your tastes, so keep looking. Great friendships are waiting for you!

If you choose the coliving option to make friends, or if you want to meet more destinations, you can follow our updates on Wooda.

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