Life of a Digital Nomad – Interview Adrien

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am Adrien, 31, French, travelling since 2019 now. I help nomads to invest in real estate!

After studying engineering in urban planning and a final internship in India in investment consulting and real estate development, I chose to continue my studies in a master’s degree specialized in asset and real estate management. 

During this master’s degree, I was able to complete two internships: one in real estate development and the second in real estate asset management. 

I was then hired in this last company in real estate investment where I stayed more than 5 years.

I had the chance to work on real estate projects in France and in Europe. I loved my missions and my work but I wanted to try the entrepreneurial adventure to have more freedom and also to have the feeling of having more impact than within a large group! Even if I had the chance to evolve and change jobs, a feeling of weariness had set in. I wanted to be able to manage my schedule as I wished, and have more flexibility. 

In parallel to my job, I decided to use my knowledge to invest personally in real estate in order to live my dream, to create financial security and the freedom that comes with it to be able to travel around the world and embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. 

Life of a Digital Nomads, Adrien

Can you say something about the background for your lifestyle choice? What motivated you? What kind of considerations did you make?

The decision to leave was not easy because I loved my missions, only thanks to a small reorganization of the group (at the level of the shareholding), I said to myself that it was the right time to take the risk to leave (before my 30th birthday).

I did not want to wait to be retired to start living and exploring the world and new cultures.

This choice was made in a reasoned way because I had already invested in several real estate properties for 3 years which allowed me to leave with more serenity and financial security.

Can you describe a day in your life?

I usually work from coffees or coworking. I also wanted to do a lot of sports to get in better shape (having sat at a desk, I needed to improve my flexibility!) as well as eat better. These activities also make it easier to interact with the locals.

What inspired you to decide to live and work as a digital nomad?

Freedom and explore the world and meet like-minded people.

What’s the most challenging part of your lifestyle?

The most challenging part is that you are on your own and there is no boss to tell you what to do. It implies to know how to take responsibility for yourself.

Life of a Digital Nomads, Adrien

How do you promote your services?

Do you have any tips on how to work efficiently from home?

Keep my phone far away to avoid notifications if I need to be productive. Disable notifications like Slack, Emails and so. 

What are your favorite tools (on,- as well as offline) for organizing your work?

  • Evernote
  • To Do list
  • Notion
  • Agenda

What is your absolute favorite thing about working like you do?

Manage my timeschedule like I want, do sport when I want, have the freedom to manage my time.

Life of a Digital Nomads, Adrien

Describe where you live, what are your favorite things about the location?

I live in Lisbon notably for the following reasons:

🔹 The light
The weather is always nice and quite warm!

🔹 Life on foot
Me, who loves to walk, it’s possible to do almost everything on foot here!

🔹 The architecture
With its Azulejo buildings, and steep streets!

🔹 The welcoming portuguese people
Portuguese people are so caring and kind, and it’s nice to practice a new language too! And most of all it’s very safe!

🔹 Nature & beaches around
Lisbon is surrounded by nature, its beaches especially Caparica or a little further down its turquoise waters at Arrabida!

What is the one advice you want to give anyone considering taking the leap into the life of a digital nomad?

We only live once and time is the only thing we cannot recover, so if you are tempted, try! Try! And if after some time you discover it’s not for you, you can still come back to your normal life.

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