A guide to finding your digital nomad community

Missing your digital nomad community? Discover new ways to meet digital nomads that understand the unique struggles of working remotely. As told by our own digital nomad community.

To outsiders looking in, the life of the digital nomad is one of freedom and adventure. You’re not tied to one location, and you get to collect friends all over the world.  It’s all very glamorous.

But for most of us, it isn’t as easy as all that. Especially when you’re staying in one location for an extended period of time.

You can’t go out partying every night… cause, well, you’ve gotta work. And hostel-hopping no longer holds the same appeal as it used to.

You need somewhere quiet where you can work without disruption. But equally, you don’t want to be surrounded by people who don’t really get the “digital nomad thing”.

We feel your pain. And we want you to know this:

There are 35 million digital nomads out there.  And most of them are eager to meet like-minded people like you. They share your thirst for discovery AND understand the challenges of the nomadic lifestyle.  

Becoming part of a digital nomad community is key to opening yourself up to the world and really flourishing as a digital nomad.  

The question is:

How do you find your community of digital nomads?

Read on to find out!  

Why is it important to find a digital nomad community when you’re working remotely?

In many ways, working remotely is living the dream. You don’t grind out a 9-5 job at the office, fantasising about retirement or your next two-week summer vacation.  

You get to travel the world and follow life wherever it takes you. And you’ve achieved that through blazing an online career that allows you to earn money and enjoy life.  

But…exhilarating as it is, being a digital nomad isn’t always plain sailing.

Due to our unusual lifestyle, we face unique challenges that only other digital nomads can really understand. 

Without a boss hovering over us, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to make deadlines and keep ourselves accountable.  We have fewer opportunities to learn from co-workers or discover new possibilities in our careers. And maintaining a work/life balance is a daily challenge.

As digital nomads, we have to somehow navigate the maze of the international tax system.  We have to figure out the paperwork for visas and travel expenditures. And our lives can sometimes be lonely and lacking in everyday human contact. (Yikes!)

guide to finding your digital

Now for the good news…

Becoming part of a community of digital nomads allows you to network with other remote workers, connect with like-minded freedom-seekers, receive practical help and advice when you need it, and travel as part of a global family.  

This is important for your mental health, your career prospects, and your comfort and security while you live away from home.

Fortunately, your digital nomad community already exists. And they’re waiting for you to join them!

Five ways to connect with digital nomads and find your digital nomad community

We chatted with digital nomads living in Europe and asked them their favorite ways to connect with other digital nomads. Here’s what we found!

digital nomads working together

Set up virtual coffee chats via Facebook

Facebook has tons of groups devoted to travel and remote working. You can find them with a simple search. These groups present all kinds of opportunities for networking and creating meaningful connections. But these connections won’t happen if you sit on the sidelines, silently reading comments.

When you join these groups, take the time to engage with other members. If you find nomads you want to connect with, set up a virtual coffee chat! Let them know you like their content and would love to have a 15-minute video call to get to know each other. These conversations are priceless!

Grow your network using digital nomad websites

There are a number of websites devoted to the world of the digital nomad. A couple of our favorites include:

These are great resources for finding information about living as a digital nomad. Each presents opportunities to connect with other digital nomads and expand your network.

Attend in-person nomad meetups

One of the best ways to meet other digital nomads is to attend digital nomad events. You can usually find them on Facebook. These tend to be held in person at different locations around the world.  

These events provide opportunities to network, socialise and meet other nomads that are staying nearby. 

Make a co-working space your office

Co-working spaces are great for escaping the noise and distractions of your apartment. They’re also great for networking with other online professionals. Of course, people go to co-working spaces specifically to work. So there are not always as many opportunities to chat with other nomads.

Build your digital nomad community with co-living

The best way to truly become part of a digital nomad community is to live with them!  Co-living spaces are an innovative new way of living for digital nomads around the world.  

They are specially designed spaces for digital nomads like you to work, collaborate, socialise, and network with like-minded travelers — while still having your own private space to enjoy. 

digital nomads hanging out

Why choose a co-living space? 

Co-living spaces are ideal for any digital nomad who appreciates the value of living as part of a community.  They allow you to thrive as part of a flourishing support network, where you can forge meaningful relationships, discover new ideas and experiences, be exposed to new career paths, and gain constant encouragement and support from like-minded companions.  

Ultimately, co-living spaces bring digital nomads together. So you can get all the benefits of the nomad lifestyle without having to navigate the challenges alone.

Welcome to the Wooda: Where digital nomads find their home

At Wooda, we excel at providing digital nomad communities with warm, cosy and friendly co-living spaces – all over the world

Our homely spaces are specially designed to provide you with the ideal working and living conditions you need to thrive alongside your digital nomad community.

Whether you’re a full-time digital nomad or planning an extended workcation, we’d love to have you join our digital nomad community at Wooda.

Be the first to find out when we add new co-living spaces to our site. And be welcomed as the newest member of the Wooda family. 

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